ECCAI membership

We are a member of ECCAI

The Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (PAIS) is a member of ECCAI.
The following ECCAI benefits and privileges are available for members of PAIS:

  • reduced ECCAI conference registration fees,
  • reduced fees for attending ACAI summer schools,
  • free access to the AI Communications Journal,
  • IEEE Intelligent Systems Magazine subscription discount,
  • eligibility for ECCAI travel awards,
  • participation in the ECCAI Fellows program,
  • eligibility for ECCAI dissertation awards,
  • discount off list price for ECAI proceedings and books in the FAIA series published by IOS,
  • free listings on ECCAI's webpages to promote AI activities,
  • access to ECCAI's mailing lists for information broadcasting,
  • active participation in all discussions and events organized by ECCAI.
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